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5 Low Maintenance Indoor Trees to “Junglefy” Your Abode

A touch of green is all it takes to transform your home into a blissful natural paradise. Plants offer a myriad of benefits- kind of like a cute puppy. They are calming to look at, can relieve stress, and let’s face it- plants are pure happiness!

Plus, you can get as creative as you like with decorating, from hanging planters to cascading vines over furniture or building window boxes bursting with aromatic herbs.

You can even use plants to display your favorite treasures, such as seashells or smooth garden pebbles. Fire glass also makes a great decoration when added to an indoor planter.

With so many splendid, leafy options to choose from, where do you start? 

Different indoor plants

Some plant aficionados, like myself, typically beeline it for the local garden products shop after getting paid and fill my cart with all of the pretty green things.

But, if you are more about planning your interior design carefully, you might want some guided insight before splurging.

A good place to start is with indoor trees. They’re large and eye-catching, filling empty room space with instant jungle vibes.

Best of all, indoor trees are some of the easiest, most low maintenance plants to care for.

In this post, I’ve listed 5 stunning trees that will give your home that green appeal and allow you to finally make use of that beautiful ceramic planter that’s been collecting dust in the shed.

Fiddle leaf fig tree in a ceramic pot

Fiddle Leaf Fig

1. Fiddle leaf fig tree

The broad, smooth-edged leaves of the Fiddle Leaf Fig is striking to look at as it climbs vertically, seeming to reach for the sky. Place it where it can get moderate sunlight and water it regularly as you feel the soil start to dry up. If leaves start falling, that means it’s time to cut back on watering.

2. Parlor palm tree

This one is a winner when it comes to being left alone. The perky Parlor Palm needs very little sunlight, very little water, and is pet-friendly to boot.

Parlor Palm Tree

Parlor Palm Tree

3. Jade Plant

So pretty much, if a tree and a succulent had a baby it would be the Jade Plant. Succulents are fab because they don’t need much water, and that goes for the Jade Plant as well. Place it in indirect sunlight and watch it blend effortlessly into your design with its unique, smooth leaves.

4. Rubber plant

To fill a space with something “bushy”, try the glossy-leafed Rubber plant on for size. Its leaves are broad, dusted with a sheen that adds an exotic touch to your jungle den. This low maintenance winner doesn’t need direct sunlight; light to moderate will do just fine.

Rubber plant

Rubber Plant

5. Umbrella plant

The name says it all- the stalks of this small tree reach out with leaves that resemble an open umbrella. This is another unique looker that adds something “different” to your indoor plant display. It requires filtered, direct sunlight, and only enough water to keep the soil moist.

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