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Should I Plant Bamboo in My Garden? The Pros & Cons

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that is incredibly versatile. In fact, it is relied upon for food, clothing, medicine and used for building materials all over the world! But when it comes to home gardens, while some people adore bamboo others abhor it. What’s the deal?

Bamboo has many advantages that make it incredibly easy and functional in any garden. But, believe it or not, a plant that grows fast and with ease can sometimes be a problem to balance out with the rest of your garden. 

If you’re considering bamboo for your garden, you’ll want to consider its qualities and whether it fits with your gardening style. Here’s a list of bamboo pros & cons!


  • Bamboo is pest resistant. The hard fibers are left alone by most insects and larger animals, such as deer, birds and squirrels, won’t touch it either.
  • It’s an environmental hero. The fact that bamboo is pest resistant means it’s chemical-free also, but it’s superpowers don’t stop there. It sucks in greenhouses gases and emits oxygen, making it a helpful addition to forests. Bamboo grows incredibly fast, replacing bare forests in as little as 5 years, while hardwood trees can take decades to grow. The bamboo’s extensive roots are also helpful in preventing soil erosion.
  • Creates natural privacy. If you want a low cost, low maintenance privacy screen between you and the neighbor’s yard, bamboo is an optimal choice. Since it grows thick and tall, you won’t need a man-made fence.


  • Invasive Species. Since it’s so easy to grow and it spreads quickly, it’s imperative to keep on top of where you want it planted in your yard. You don’t want your neighbors getting feisty when your bamboo starts to shoot up in their neck of the woods!
  • Bamboo can threaten native pants. Their growing capabilities are a little too impressive and bamboo will end up taking over much of the habitat, making it difficult for native plants to compete.
  • It’s difficult to get rid of it. If you decide bamboo is not for your backyard, be aware that the extraction process is complicated. Remember all those roots? Buried deep and strong, it takes diligence and time to completely pull out bamboo. Once it’s in your yard- it wants to stay forever!


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