Beautiful Koi fish in a pond

3 Cool Benefits of Having a Backyard Koi Pond

One of the perks of garden landscaping is how creative you can get! Like a blank canvas, plants, flowers and wildlife (and whatever you can think of really!) create a stunning backyard masterpiece that doubles as your own personal nature sanctuary.

If you’re looking for a unique decorative addition for your outdoor living area, how about a Koi pond? The Koi fish or “Nishikigoi” in Japanese is a beautiful carp descended fish that comes in a myriad of shimmery gold, orange, white and black colors. 

But, what’s so special about a Koi fish pond? Read on to find out!

They’re the easiest pets

Too busy for a puppy or kitty? No problem! The Koi fish doesn’t require much attention and the pond is easy to maintain as well. You won’t have to take your Koi fish on walks or clean up shedded fur. Best of all, they won’t chew up your $200 leather shoes! Just come outside after a long day of work and sit pond-side. Gazing at the languid swimming of the colorful Koi brings peace and serenity. Koi will also learn to eat out of your hand once they get to know you!

Boost your backyard ecosystem

Koi fish ponds don’t have to be basic. Take creativity to the next level by adding a number of amenities, such as rocks, pebbles, stones and water plants that double as natural cleaning filters. Soon, you’ll begin to notice dragonflies flitting about and song birds splashing in the pond as other critters fill your backyard with new, healthy life.

Mosquitoes don’t stand a chance

If you live in an area where mosquitoes put a damper on every outdoor shindig, a Koi pond is the natural way to take care of those annoying bloodsuckers. The Koi fish will gobble up mosquito larva in a jiffy, eliminating breeding and keeping the bites at bay. No more toxic chemical pest repellents are needed when the Koi are on patrol!

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