This is What Happens When You Use Fire Glass in Your Fire Pit

This is What Happens When You Use Fire Glass in Your Fire Pit

One of our favorite topics is fire, primarily when it comes to enjoying a gas-powered flame in a gorgeous fire pit outdoors. When you think about a fire pit, crackling wooden logs immediately comes to mind. But hey, it’s 2020 and the art of fire has evolved in an enchanting (and more convenient) way.

When it comes to choosing products for your backyard, you might have a fully landscaped area, with patio furniture, cushions, decor and fire pit to match. On the flipside, you might have a more minimal outdoor living space with a fire pit, but would welcome a budget friendly design to help liven it up a bit.

Fire glass is the answer. These small, specially tempered stones and glass pieces are added to a gas powered fire pit instead of artificial logs. The addition of fire glass to outdoor home decor is gaining momentum, and here’s why.

When you add fire glass to your fire pit…

It adds, unique texture and looks like a decoration

In some backyards, the fire pit is the centerpiece that pulls everything together. Fire glass or stones are natural and tasteful, hiding the cold mechanical pieces of a fire pit and making it more alluring to look at.

It helps coordinate your backyard design

Fire glass comes in a multitude of colors and textures. If you have earthy, natural tones in your outdoor living area, there are different shades of beige, white, black and grey stones to match. As well, if you have bright colored furniture, rugs and pillows, there are tons of beautifully colored glass to choose from.

It makes a fire display pure magic

Imagine beautiful amber flames dancing upon a mound of glittering jewels against the darkness of night. It’s mesmerizing to watch and an instant stress reliever. Your guests will be captivated by such a magical display.

Clean up is super easy

No more, smokey fires or heaps of dirty soot to sweep up. Gas powered fire pits are already a cinch to operate, with virtually no clean up and this is the same with fire glass. You won’t have to worry about any dirt, dust or odors.

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