Here’s Why You Should STOP Mowing Your Yard

It might sound crazy, but sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your yard can actually do it a whole lot of good.

With homeowners all over the US looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainable living, the yard and garden is one of the best places to start.

Ready to take a baby step towards an eco friendly garden? Skip the Sunday mow and let your grass grow! Here’s why…

Native plants & grasses begin to grow

We’ve been told all of our lives that “weeds” are a pain and we need to keep pulling them out. But, doesn’t it make sense that the plants that grow easily and naturally are meant to be there for a reason?

When you let your grass grow, you may cringe when you see all those so called “weeds” shooting up with wild abandon. The truth is, those plants play a huge part in nurturing a healthy local ecosystem.

The wildflowers are essential for pollinators, like bees and butterflies. Native plants also work together to create balance with all native species, so pests are kept at a minimum. Birds and bats come back to feed, and you no longer need toxic pesticides.

Conserve water

Native plants and grasses are well adapted to the weather patterns of the region you live in. You won’t have to run that sprinkler system all the time to ensure the livelihood of exotic plants.

Not only does that save money for you, but you are saving water in a world where the reality is that water is becoming scarce.

Use less fuel

Think about it: mowers, blowers and weed-whackers all run on gasoline. Your few hours of yard work every week is creating more carbon emissions than is necessary.

Less labor

Riding your mower under a hot sun every weekend is not favored by a lot of people. Shouldn’t you enjoy your time off? When you stash the old mower in the shed and let mother nature take over, there’s very little you have to do and your yard will be healthier than ever.

We’ve forgotten how when left alone, nature doesn’t need us to cut, prune, water and fertilize for perfect health. It’s amazing to watch how native plants will transform your garden.

Instead of pushing that loud mower back and forth, turn your attention to growing organic vegetables or building a birdhouse. You have more time for what’s mindful!

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