4 All-Natural Fall Garden Decor Ideas

Ditch the expensive plastic decorations that kill your grass and look, well…old and outdated.

YES, I said it! You can save money and storage space by getting creative with the natural beauty found in your yard. All you need is a bit of string, a needle and some childhood imagination to fully immerse yourself in the colors and scents of autumn.

Check out these 4 beautiful and simple fall decorating ideas that will have your outdoor living space standing out from the rest.

Marigold Curtain

Not only are Marigolds fall flowers, but they provide the perfect pop of color for decorating. Think Hawaiian lei, but fall style. String up lines of thread with marigolds and hang them from a porch overhang to create a vivid Marigold curtain.

Garland Of Gourds

All of those mini pumpkins and squashes don’t need to be collecting dust on a tabletop. Take a heavy gauge needle and fishing string, then create a heavy duty garland of gourds. Using a hammer and nails, you can create a wall hanging with your new garland. Tie some colored satin ribbon at the ends of the garden for some more detail. You can even paint them to look spooky for Halloween.


Beautiful wreaths aren’t only for Christmas time. You can make a beautiful wreath from plants in your garden. Use clippings, such as rose hips, fruit branches and twigs. Maple branches are great, because of the changing leaf colors. 

It’s easier to make a wreath than you may think! Check out the video below for instructions (just replace the fake leaves with real ones).

Wood Centerpiece

How beautiful is a simple piece of weathered wood found in the forest or driftwood found on the beach? If you live in a region with milder climates (where changing leaves don’t really occur), then use a piece of old wood and succulents to create a stunning centerpiece for your outdoor table. 

Succulents don’t require much soil or water, so you can dig out the center of the wood and tuck the succulents in there with a bit of soil and pebbles to make it look like they are growing right out of the bark.

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