Try These 4 Rockin’ Garden Decor Ideas

This post is all about ROCKS!

The best thing about a backyard is that it is literally a canvass to express yourself with all that is natural. Rocks can either be viewed as jagged, lumpy ugly inconveniences or they can be transformed into one of the centerpieces of your beautiful outdoor living space.

From pebbles to stones and fire glass to large-sized boulders, here are 4 clever ideas to decorate your yard with a unique touch that totally rocks.

1. Fire glass

Want to really make your fire pit shine? Fire glass is the latest outdoor living trend, taking the classic campfire to a whole new level. Gas-powered fire pits are easy to use, low maintenance and burn clean. Fire glass replaces tacky fake logs to make a fire pit look otherworldly. Best of all, you can choose from a multitude of colors to coordinate your outdoor design.

2. Large Boulders

Boulders are perfect for a picturesque rock garden. Take 2 or 3 large boulders and coordinate them in a space that gets a lot of sunlight. Plant low-lying flowers that do well in the heat, such as cactus, portulaca and ground orchids. As the plants grow and spread over the boulders, fill in the extra space with pebbles.

3. Boulder Centerpiece

Have a huge, oddly-shaped rock on your property and you don’t know what to do with it? Often times, homeowners will give up on a rock and have them picked up and taken away. Instead, use an odd-shaped rock in a small garden to become a beautiful centerpiece. Place it strategically on mulch where you have most of your ornamental shrubs. The coloring, texture and shape will break up all that green.

4. Rock Borders

Ditch plastic tubing for borders and use rocks instead! Whether you want to separate flower beds, line a footpath or erect a small wall border around a fish pond, rocks are the easy, inexpensive and sustainable choice. There are so many colors and textures to choose from. Try smooth pebbles, jagged stones or seashells.

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