8 Whimsical Beach-Themed Garden Decor Ideas

Having a home close to the ocean is dreamy enough, but how can you match the decor of your outdoor living space to show your love for coastal living?

There are so many clever nautical decor ideas for your home and garden that go way beyond the typical blue and white scheme. Here are 8 of our favorites!

1. Add a mural:

Nothing is as striking and thought-provoking as a wall mural. Break up the coordination of a prim and proper patio space by having a local artist paint a gorgeous, yet simple beach scene on one of your walls.

2. Place surfboards in the garden:

If your family is all about surfing, show your love for this oceanic passion by recycling old, broken surfboards. You can line them up on your fence, place one in the corner of your patio or build a coffee table with a surfboard.

3. Driftwood centerpiece:

That gnarled, salt-licked piece of wood is a gift from Poseidon himself, just begging to be hung on a wall or used to hold candles on an outdoor table!

4. Seashells & succulents:

These two make the perfect decor combo for the ultimate beachy feel. Finally, you can put your seashell collection on display, strewn across a space with blown glass baubles and containers sprouting succulents.

5. Boat planter:

Take an old, small wooden row boat or build one yourself! Fill it with flowers and cascading vines to turn it into a marvelous, giant planter for your yard.

6. Shell stepping stones:

Make a homemade footpath using concrete, seashells, glass coins, and a round mold.

7. Fire glass:

If you have a gas powered fire pit in your backyard, use beachy-colored fire glass, such as green, blue and clear to create a “sea glass” pile that ignites in the night!

8. Beach grass:

Incorporate long grasses, such as Little Zebra or Maiden Adiago, to give your flower beds and hedges a splash of beach dune feels!

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