Make a Splash With These Swimming Pool Decor Ideas

Keeping cool during the grueling months of summer means jumping in the swimming pool on the daily. If you are all about creating a stylish and welcoming outdoor living space, that giant liver-shaped concrete creation filled with turquoise water may challenge you to get artistic.

How can you decorate your pool to flow with the design of your home and garden?

Add a hammock

Create an allure of being on your own tropical island by adding a hammock. When summer days grow long, lazing by the pool in the hammock will make any backyard more inviting. Relaxation vibes are in!

Trade chairs for poufs

Travel pictures of Morocco have got us pining for bright colors, plenty of patterns, green palms and rich tapestries. Turn your pool area into a sultry oasis by ditching the traditional plastic pool chairs for poolside pouf pillows. Guests will love lounging around with a glass of lemonade! Look for poufs that are water/mold/UV resistant.

Move your garden poolside

Who said you have to accept all that concrete? Spicing up your pool area is as easy as adding a cluster of potted plants. Elephant ear plants, small palms, sweet potato vines and bird-of-paradise are great options to place around a waterfall or in the corners of a rectangle shaped pool area. It’ll make you feel like you’re submerging into a hidden jungle spring!

Light it up

Do you like to have guests over in the evening time? Turn your pool into a turquoise jewel that shimmers in the night by adding string lights around the pool area. When you light up that fire pit, your friends will be in heaven next to a beautiful pool lit up by hundreds of sparkling stars.

Effortless, stylish shade

Not every pool is shaded by its own pergola. And, you may not have the budget to add one. No problem! A shade sail is the perfect way to add some whimsical texture and portable sun protection without having to do much work or spend a lot of money. You can position is wherever you choose, and there are plenty of colors to coordinate your backyard decor.

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  • Rebecca Gardner

    Thanks for explaining how lighting can affect a pool area. My brother wants to have a new pool deck installed. This info should help him decorate effectively!

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