How to Clean Your Fire Pit

I think we can all agree that fire pits are the BEST when it comes to outdoor entertaining. Nothing soothes the soul, warms the toesies and fosters fellowship quite like the glowing embers of a friendly fire.

If you have a fire pit, I’m sure you’re well aware of how to build it up to get a fire roaring, but what about clean up time? In this post we give you the top tips for efficient clean up no matter what type of fire pit you have in your backyard.

Wood fire pits

Wood fire always hold nostalgic charm that reminds you of camping trips as a kid, but truth be told, the clean up can be a hassle. It requires more tools and time than other types of pits. You’ll need the following items to streamline the process:

  • Ash scoop (to remove ash from the pit bowl)
  • Log poker (to move logs around)
  • Metal safety screen (to keep embers from jumping)
  • Pit cover (to protect the interior when not in use)

You’ll have to work gingerly, as burning wood is obviously dangerous. Wear gloves and have a metal bucket ready to scoop ashes and log remains into the bucket. Then, you’ll want to douse the hot debris with water before disposing.

Cleaning stone or metal pit bowls

After you’ve removed the burning wood and ashes, you can clean the bowl. This doesn’t have to be done regularly, but at least once a month.

If your pit bowl is stone, use a solution that is 1-part muriatic acid to 9-parts water to thoroughly cleanse debris. Rinse it out with water and allow to dry for at least 48 hrs.

If your pit bowl is metal, use a cloth and a simple mix of soap and water to wipe it clean. Then, turn it upside down and let air dry completely.

Gas powered fire pits

These models are the easiest to clean. Propane is odorless and clean burning. It doesn’t spill, pool or leave residue behind. You don’t need any extra equipment or time. Check the gas burners whenever the gas is replaced to ensure they are all clear and have your gas supplier look at the gas lines for safety. If you have fire glass, you don’t even have to clean them, unless you want to rinse off dust and dirt with water.

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