The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Yard Kid Friendly

Maintaining a beautiful garden takes time and passion. When you add kids to the mix, you may wonder how you can upgrade your yard to make it kid friendly. Elements such as swimming pools, fire pits and sharp fences pose dangers for toddlers that call for baby-proofing.

There are several small steps you can take to make your garden kid friendly without sacrificing the landscape design you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Here are some of best ideas to get you started.

Wide, open spaces

Creating expanses of space for young ones makes it safer and easier for them to play. As well, you get to keep an eye on them. Flat, grassy surfaces are soft and allow for lots of moving without the worries of steps, elevated surfaces that can trip and tons of bushes blocking your line of supervision.

Rails and nets

If children are very young, consider installing rails along elevated areas and durable netting that surrounds pools, ponds or trampolines. If you have equipment that utilizes propane gas or a shed where chemicals are stored, take care to keep supplies out of reach, doors locked and windows fastened.

Start a vegetable patch

A great way to incorporate your kids into the care and keeping of the yard is to start a family vegetable patch. They’ll love helping out and learning how to plant their own food. Plus, it encourages them to eat healthy, home grown vegetables! Soon, you’ll have the next generation of garden lovers on the way!

Add an activity center

There are tons of awesome DIY ideas out there to build an activity center in your backyard. You don’t need to spend heaps of money on giant structures that kill grass where they sit for months. Instead, opt for easy, portable play structures. Hang a rope swing from a tree or build a wooden climbing wall. You can blow up a pool and fill it with plastic balls for a ball pit and set up a slack line- which is fun for kids and adults!

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