Partner Up With These Bugs to Fight Garden Pests

Pests are a nuisance. They ravage our gardens and squander our plants and in turn, hurt our hearts. No one likes to see their plant babies attacked destroyed after days of nurturing and growth!

Pest control is an age old issue that has spawned many solutions, some natural and some not so healthy. If you’re still using chemicals to kill bugs, you are doing more harm than good. Not only are chemicals detrimental for the environment, but they can affect our health in a negative way as well.

Instead, there are natural ways to combat pests. Not only are they safe, but sustainable by promoting the overall ecosystem of your garden. They are also more cost effective, so your wallet will be happy!

Chemicals tend to kill all insects in a garden, including beneficial species that help rather than harm. These bugs are superstars at eliminating pests by eating them. All you need to do is plant the right seeds and sprout certain herbs, flowers and vegetables that attract them.

Here is a list of bug friends you’ll want to keep close.


They will gobble up aphids, whiteflies and Colorado potato beetles. Plant dill or dandelion to attract them.

Damsel Bugs:

These 6-legged friends eat aphids, mites, caterpillars and cabbage worms. Plant fennel, spearmint and caraway to attract them.

Braconid Wasps:

This bug will clear out caterpillars and aphids. Plant parsley, lemon balm, and common yarrow to attract them.

Ground Beetles: Slugs, caterpillars, cutworms and Colorado potato beetles are no match for this hungry fellow. Plant evening primrose and clover to attract them.

Minute Pirate Bugs: They will attack spider mites, caterpillars, thrips and aphids. Plant alfalfa, spearmint, fennel and caraway to attract them.

Green Lacewings:

This bug species loves to eat leafhoppers, whiteflies, aphids and mealybugs. You can attract them with dill, coriander and angelica.

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