4 Best Christmas Presents for the Garden Lover

Christmas is just around the corner! Shopping for loved ones can get overwhelming, but with the right guidance, it can be quick and easy.

Is there a passionate gardener in your life that needs a gift this Christmas season? Luckily Margo Garden Products has some ideas that any backyard enthusiast will love. From gardening equipment to backyard toys that enhance outdoor relaxation, here are some of our favorites.

Fire Pit

This is a fabulous gift for anyone that loves to entertain outside. It’s especially great for the cold winter. A glowing fire always chases away the winter time blues! Fire pits are easy to install and since they use gas, clean up is a breeze. You also don’t need to worry about smelly smoke that stings the eyes. You can even customize the pit to fit the decorum of your patio.

Fire glass

Maybe your loved one already has a gas-powered fire pit, but it could use a little makeover. Fire glass is the perfect addition to any fire pit. You can choose from a ton of colors so that it matches with the surrounding decor. It looks brilliant against oranges flames, sprucing up any pit in no time!


Gardeners who use containers to plant are always appreciative of a good pot. This is something that can be used over and over again, and adds a beautiful earthy element to indoor or outdoor decor. Make this gift special by choosing from a collection of unique designs custom made by expert artisans.


Why not pair that beautiful pot with a bag of organic soil? It’s a gardener’s dream come true! You can find tons of all natural, top grade options that nourish plants without the use of chemicals or other harmful solutions. Add a packet or two of seeds and they can get digging immediately.

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