‘Gotta Have’ Garden Products & Tips for Fall

The autumn season is upon us. With cooler weather comes changing leaves, vibrant sunsets and the last moments to enjoy the outdoors before winter creeps in. There’s plenty to do in the garden in preparation for those freezing months and ways to turn your garden into the perfect hangout spot for friends and family.

Purchase a fire pit

The magic of fall is not complete without a blazing fire and warm apple cider in the back yard! Gas powered fire pits make it easy to get a fire going any time of the day. There is virtually no clean up, the flames are clean burning so clothes and hair don’t smell smokey and you can ignite a fire with the flip of a switch.

Decorate with fire glass

Inspired to add a fire pit to your backyard for the season? Since gas powered fire pits don’t need burning wood to operate, you can get creative with design. Fire glass adds a mystical touch not only to a fire pit, but to the overall ambiance of an outdoor living area. It’s mesmerizing to watch orange flames flicker and flit from a bed of these dazzling rocks! They come in multiple colors so you can perfectly coordinate your pit with your landscape design.

Fall vegetable garden

Autumn is the time for home cooked comfort foods. Fall vegetables are superstar ingredients for hearty soups and savory casseroles. Get your dose of outside bliss by caring for the garden. Harvest those gourds, prep for winter and spend some time cleaning/revamping your garden tools. Depending on the types of foliage in your garden and how they react to cooler weather, layer mulch around flower beds for added warmth.

Get your outdoor living area prepped for fall with beautifully crafted products from Margo Garden Products! Browse our online collection of fire pits, fire glass, pebbles, stones, soils and more. For garden design tips and tricks, visit our Learning Center or contact us for more information!

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