6 Beautiful Fall Colored Trees For Your Yard

With autumn in full swing, there’s nothing more beautiful than the magical color changing leaves of the trees as they prepare for winter. Many people make it an event to drive to where there are beautiful fall leaves for pictures, leaf collecting or just to walk and savor the season.

What types of trees change color in the fall? There are a handful that grow just about anywhere in the US. With that being said, if you’ve been thinking about adding trees to your yard, why not add a couple that will bring the sentiment of the fall season? These are our 6 favorite species.

1. Dogwood

Not only will you get deep red leaves in the fall, but come spring there will be bushels of flower blossoms to welcome new life and warmer weather.

2. Sweetgum

What makes this tree special is the myriad of colors it exhibits during fall. You never know what you’ll get- it’ll be a stunning mixture of reds, oranges and yellows.

3. Beech

When these leaves change color, it’s like the sky is raining gold. The brilliant yellow color makes any yard pop!

4. Sugar Maple

These are the iconic leaves of fall in North America. The splashes of red and orange as well as the big, bold leaf shape prompts folks to drive long distances to witness Maple forests turn the landscapes into a paint canvas.

5. River Birch

This tree not only sports bright yellow leaves during fall, but it’s well known for its colorful bark. This is a popular choice for many landscapers in the US due to its tolerance for wet climates.

6. Sumac

Sumac leaves look like giant rust red feather plumes in the fall. It’s beauty isn’t all this (non poisonous) tree offers. It’s great for erosion control and for providing windbreak in the garden.


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