3 Ways to Use Your Fire Pit This Fall

The autumn months are fast approaching, and with the cooler weather and changing leaves comes the yearning to spend time outdoors before the chill of winter sets in.

If you’ve got a fire pit in your backyard (which, everyone should!), then you already know that fall equals fire pit season. There are plenty of ways to utilize your pit for fun activities besides just roasting marshmallows.

Ready to feel the burn? Here are our favorite ways to enjoy a crackling flame.

Party time

Before it gets too cold, throw some holiday-themed parties in your backyard. Whether it’s for Halloween or Thanksgiving, set up a cozy space with your fire pit as the majestic centerpiece. Use candles, throw blankets and plush pillows to accent the area and encourage guests to socialize outside around the fire. An outside bar is a perfect touch to complete your fall-themed decor.

Movie night

Jazz up movie night with an outdoor theater! You don’t need much to romanticize a movie. Just turn on the fire pit and bring the projector and screen (a white sheet or a wall of the house works too) out for a cozy evening. Make it a party and invite friends to sit around the fire and relax with drinks and snacks.

Camping made simple

Why mess around with hot logs and out-of-control embers and instead, rely on the clean, portable flame of your fire pit. Autumn is the best time to go camping, and it’s not complete without a fire. Bring your own pit and have it set up in a flash. It’s safer, as you can control the size of the flame and better yet, you won’t be reeking of smoke- yippee! It’s not only great for camping trips either- take your pit on the next ski trip, to a music festival or any gathering that calls for a warm orange glow and good company.

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