How to Sustainably Balance Your Garden’s Ecosystem

If you truly care about the health of your garden, you must know that it goes beyond how lush it looks. Having a sustainably balanced ecosystem in your yard not only ensures health, but it nurtures the local wildlife and overall environment in the best way possible.

In this post, we’ll give you tips on how to transform your garden into a proactive sanctuary instead of just a beautiful plot that outshines the neighbors.

Conserve water

This is a HUGE point to consider. Yards eat up water when sprinklers are turned on regularly. This isn’t responsible or efficient, especially with water supplies on the brink. Be conscious of only using small amounts of water. Enact a water plan to recycle used water for your plants. Set up a barrel system to catch rainwater and utilize this instead of always using the hose.

Get rid of pesticides

The next best move you can make for a balanced yard is to banish those toxic pesticides. They aren’t good for you, your pets, children or plants. They’ll also thwart the ecosystem by killing pollinators such as bees, butterflies and keeping birds away. Opt for natural solutions instead, such as making your own compost, using animal manure for fertilizer or making your own pest solutions that don’t rely on deet.

Add ecosystem helpers

Don’t underestimate the benefits of natural wildlife in your garden. Certain animals and insects help an ecosystem to balance and thrive. Install bird baths and houses or a bird feeder. They will help keep the insect population under control. Snails in ponds cut down on algae and a butterfly garden helps attract pollinators.

Be energy conscious

Reduce the carbon footprint and save on your monthly energy bills by being mindful of how you use energy. Switch out electric or gas powered appliances and install solar-powered appliances instead.

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