This is the Easiest Way to Build Your Own Birdhouse

Have you ever wanted to build an adorable birdhouse for your garden, but decided it’s too difficult? There are many easy ways to make this DIY a reality!

With forests and wilderness disappearing from development and fires, so are their habitats. Many different species of birds find refuge in birdhouses. Inviting birds into your garden is a wonderful way to help regulate the ecosystem and give them a safe place to breed.

And after all, birds have their part to play as well! Here’s how important they are…

  • Natural pest control: Insects are a bird’s favorite snack. Instead of using harmful pesticides to protect your fruits and vegetables, let the birds handle the buggy clean up.
  • They also love weeds: Birds will eat all the weed seeds- another favorite snack they love.
  • Pollination: From sipping nectar from flowers (hummingbirds!) to spreading seeds across the land, birds play an important role in pollinating the earth and keeping the bee population healthy.
  • Spice up property values: A healthy yard draws cute birds and nothing is more appealing than the serenity of a garden filled with life!

By building a birdhouse, you give our feathered friends a safe place to nest, shielding them from the rain, cold weather and predators. There are many shapes and sizes to consider when you build your own. Get as creative as you like!

Follow the step by step instructions in this video to learn how to make an easy birdhouse. Then sit back, relax with a cup of coffee in the morning and listen to the birds’ chirp and sing as they happily flit about your garden. It makes for a lovely start to the day, right?

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