The Benefits of Using Mulch in Your Garden

A breathtaking landscape design takes meticulous planning, with many decisions to make regarding what garden products to use. When you’ve got your layout down, and you know what foliage you’ll plant, you might wonder about the soils and mulches to use.

Considering using mulch in your garden? There are plenty of benefits with going this route. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing by giving a streamlined touch to flower beds, but it has hidden benefits for the overall well being of your plants as well.

A natural barrier

When spread evenly across your flower bed, mulch acts as a barrier that aids plants in multiple ways. It retains moisture by preventing evaporation, so plants stay hydrated and nutrients are released into the soil. Mulch also breaks the fall of rain. This is imperative because it stabilizes and protects the soil, making it difficult for the impact of falling water to cause erosion.

Banish unwanted weeds

Remember that barrier effect that mulch provides? This also comes in handy for keeping weeds from springing up, which can disrupt the design of your backyard and keep you busy pulling them out on the weekends. With a mulch layer, it’s difficult for sunlight to reach past into the soil where seeds lie in wait, preventing growth.

Keep pests under control

We’re all looking for eco-friendly ways to ward off pests in the garden, and mulch is one way to make it happen. Certain varieties of mulch, such as cedar bark, contain natural oils that repel insects. Be wary and do your research when choosing a mulch, as some varieties can also attract pests. Make sure to use fresh mulch that gives off a strong scent and layer 2-4 inches over the desired area, taking care not to overdo it as this can encourage disease.

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