Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes in Your Garden

Summer is coming and the mosquitoes are buzzing. Itching and scratching, big red welts…it’s a warm weather pest no one enjoys!

Nevertheless, we all want to spend time outdoors after a long winer. Pool parties, fire pits and cookouts are calling. But, how can you control those mozzies?

You don’t need harmful chemicals like DEET to rain on your parade. This toxic repellent has been known to cause alarming physical side effects, such as memory loss, headache, weakness, fatigue and more.

Instead, opt for all-natural solutions to make your time outside more enjoyable. Banish mosquitoes for good with these safe tricks that really work.

Utilize the power of plants

Did you know that there are several varieties of plants that ward off mosquitos? That’s right- they release a scent that the buggers can’t stand. Plant them in a flower bed or in containers and let them work their magic. Position them around your patio furniture to keep mozzies away when you and your guests are sitting outside on the deck.

  • Citronella
  • Catnip
  • Lavender
  • Feverfew

BBQ with rosemary by your side

Rosemary is known for its delicious and spicy aroma. We may love it, but mosquitoes absolutely do not. When you’re in the backyard barbecuing and the pests start to nip at your ankles, banish them by burning rosemary sprigs on the hot coals. Not only will it add a delectable flavor to your food, but you won’t have to worry about getting bitten.

Drain standing water

Nothing attracts mosquitoes faster than stagnant water. It’s where they like to breed, turning your backyard into a hotspot if care is not given. Drain pet bowls, bird baths and puddles when they’re not in use. Don’t forget to clean out your gutters. It’s one spot that’s easy not to think about, but collects water if not maintained.

Get Batty

There’s one flying critter that really freak mosquitoes out- bats! Bats love to munch on those bloodsuckers. One way to lure bats to your yard is to set up a bat house. This will keep your yard free of mosquitoes, while promoting bat conservation as well. You can learn how to build your very own bat house here.

Keep essential oils handy for the skin

You don’t need to rub questionable chemicals on your skin when you want a nifty mosquito repellent. Purchase some citronella or lavender oil to do the trick. Not only are they anti-mozzie, but these potent oils are incredibly soothing for the skin, and smell wonderful.

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