How to Make a Butterfly Garden

Imagine your backyard filled with the fluttering of satin wings and iridescent colors. Flowers belong to butterflies, a symbiotic relationship that encourages conservation and creates a bit of natural magic in the garden. Butterfly gardens are planted to do just that; with careful planning going into a garden that will attract butterflies. Those tender-winged insects floating through the breeze are in search of the sweetest nectar, and with the right flowers, you can attract a diverse variety of these beauties.

Choosing the perfect plot

Butterflies LOVE warmth. Keep this in mind when choosing a space to start your flower garden. Look for a spot that is both sunny and sheltered to provide a warm environment for your nectar hunting friends.

How to pick the right flowers

Nectar flowers include popular varieties such as:

  • Buddleia
  • Lavendar
  • Perennial wallflower
  • Marjoram

Go ahead and get your garden products ready, because it’s time to get planting! Make sure to group the same types of flowers together in a single spot. Don’t be afraid to plant several different types, because different types of flowers attract different types of butterflies. Stay away from pesticides! Using these toxic chemicals can kill any visiting butterflies- a sad day for pollination.

Know the butterfly season

Planting your buds during the spring or fall seasons are preferable for butterflies. They prepare for hibernation during the fall, and come out again during the spring, so the search for nectar is on, and YOUR garden can provide the good stuff!

Once your butterfly garden is up and running…

Keep up with flower maintenance, because happy flowers equals happy butterflies! Flowers need plenty of TLC to provide nectar. Do this by keeping them well watered and fed with an organic compost or mulch. Trim away dead flower heads to encourage growth and once again- stay away from those pesticides!

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