3 Beautiful Plants to Add to Your Fall Garden

Winter may be on the horizon, but during the autumn season there is still so much you can do in your garden to keep it alive and lush! Indulge in your green space and get your fill of the great outdoors before it gets too cold. Need ideas for plants that thrive during the fall? Here are some of our favorites.

Plant these now, enjoy them in the Spring

Prep your garden for when spring rolls around by planting a variety of beautiful bulbs. These plant varieties need a cold spell before they can bloom. Come spring, your garden will be bursting with color.

  • Daffodil
  • Allium
  • Dog’s tooth violet
  • Winter aconite

Turf grass

When cooler weather arrives, break out the garden products and do a grass makeover in the backyard. Bluegrass, fescue and ryegrass are great choices for turf if you live in the North. Make sure to fertilize these varieties in September and then a second time in October or early November. This will help turf grass to grow earlier in the spring.


Everyone loves perennials, and guess what? You can plant these varieties in the fall! Hostas, peonies, pasque flower, lily-of-the-valley and violets are some good choices to get started. Don’t forget large root-ball types! Keep in mind that when you plant your fall perennials, they must be watered diligently (but do not over-water) until the ground freezes so as to keep roots healthy and strong. Aim for at least 1 inch of water one time per week.

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