Why You Should Choose a Gas Fire Pit for Your Backyard

Fire pits are a must in any outdoor living area, bringing everyone together for social gatherings during the cooler weather months and adding a rustic feel to your backyard design. Traditional firepits are undoubtedly nostalgic- the smell and crackling of hickory brings back memories of camping trips and hot dog roasts for sure. But, for convenience and safety, gas fire pits make it a breeze to enjoy the dancing embers of a fire anytime and are quickly gaining in popularity for multiple reasons.

Little to no clean up.

Gas fire pits are low maintenance, and that’s always a good thing with our busy lives, right? Forget about ash and burnt logs- making sure your gas tanks are filled is all you need to get a roaring fire going in no time.

Enjoy instant fire.

If you told your ancestors that to make a fire all you have to do is flip a switch, they wouldn’t believe it. But, gas fire pits have made that notion a reality. Adjust the fire level easily, whether you want a large fire for those winter evenings or a small flame for a romantic setting during the summer sunset, say goodbye to chopping, hauling and stacking wood logs.

Safety first.

Wood log fires can be unpredictable. Burning logs break, sending a splash of embers in every which direction, the logs can roll out of the pit and fires can sometimes burn out of control. With gas powered fire pits, you can control the settings, switching off instantly when all is said and done.

Beautiful designs.

Gas fire pits can easily be assimilated into any backyard design plan, as the construction comes in all shapes and sizes. Play around with different building materials to create a unique, one-of-a-kind design that fits the scheme of your outdoor living area and add dazzling fire glass for a truly stunning fire display. For more ideas, check out our idea book.

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