3 Ways to Beat the Heat in the Backyard

Now that summer has graced us with its glamorously scorching presence, it can be tempting to hide indoors, protected by the cool kiss of the AC. No one wants to spend time indoors though, especially when school is out, the sun is shining and the backyard garden is green and lush again after the frigid winter months. Don’t let the heat get you down, just get creative with your outdoor living design! Here are some of our favorite ways to beat the heat during summer.

Hammock Life

Hammocks aren’t just for camping or tropical islands. Light, airy and easy to string up- there’s a reason why hammocks are a huge part of island culture. You stay cool and comfortable nestled within the thin folds of fabric underneath the shade of a tree. Being suspended in the air makes it easier to get every ounce of breeze that filters through. It’s outdoor lounging at its finest, and adds a tropical touch to any backyard.

Creative Shade

You may have a covered porch or you may not. If not, don’t despair or think you need to spend buckets of cash constructing protective cover. There are plenty of easy-to-install and affordable shade options to choose from, just do your research and find what sings to your heart (and landscape design). Umbrellas are portable and offer quick cover virtually anywhere in your backyard. Gazebos and arbors offer more style appeal when umbrella fabric fades. Incorporate some climbing plants, such as thick bougainvillea, which not only add natural beauty, but natural shade as well.

Get Mist-ified

You’ve probably seen those misters at amusement parks or outdoor cafes, gently spritzing light water droplets onto overheated patrons during the hot summer months. Now, homeowners are opting to install misting systems in their outdoor living areas and gardens- which can cool the air by as much as 35 degrees when in use! Some people also claim that misters help ward off pests (bye bye mosquitoes) and pollen that can agitate the senses. This is definitely an up and coming garden trend you don’t want to “mist” out on!
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