6 Design Ideas for a Fire Pit that Dazzles

A fire pit doesn’t have to be your traditional pile of ceramic logs or a smoky mess of burning wood. With a bit of sparkling fire glass and some creative inspiration, turn your fire pit into the enthralling centerpiece of your outdoor living area. Fire glass comes in all shapes and colors, is easy to install and burns clean. Not to mention, they add a sleek, modern look to any setting. Let these ideas spark the creativity in your design! For more inspiration check out Margo Garden Products Learning Center for hundreds of ideas and images.

The coolness of blue reflective fire glass clashes delightfully with the bright orange of the flames. Add some tropical accents and light wicker furniture to channel those beach bonfire vibes, creating your own private slice of paradise right in your backyard.

How cool is this stone fire pit? Keep your garden design natural and earthy with crystal fire glass that may be neutral in color, but will never be lacking in luster.

Warm and cozy for those chilly winter nights when a crackling fire soothes the soul and chases away the shivers. This long, narrow fire pit design is chic and simplistic, yet ensures everyone gets a piece of the warmth.

The sheer beauty of light in the darkness is on display when you add black fire glass to your fire pit. The subtlety of the design allows the flames to take centerstage and hypnotize guests.

Keep non-use in mind when considering your fire pit design. Another benefit of fire glass is that it not only looks amazing while ignited, but adds color and texture to a garden all on its own, especially during the day.

Whether indoors or outdoors, set the tone with a fire pit that embodies contemporary style yet exudes rustic, “cabin in the woods” charm.

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