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3 Garden Trends for Summer 2017 You Need to Try

Is your garden ready for summer? This year, garden design is all about natural materials, splashes of color and locally sourced garden products. Pull on those galoshes and grab a spade- these summer trends are taking flower beds by storm. Pique your inspiration with some of our favorites!

Go local

It’s no secret that this year, climate change has had a noticeable impact all over the world. With increased rainfall and snowfall (or no rain and snow at all), extreme drought and cataclysmic weather events, homeowners and gardeners are looking for new design options that reduce the carbon footprint and save time and money. The answer? Sourcing locally. Incorporate not only native plants into the design, but also endemic and local plants because they support that particular regional ecosystem, whether by attracting pollinators, warding off native pests or surviving harsh climates. Gardeners are also opting for local products derived from natural materials, such as mulches, soils and pesticides.

A lawn for use, not show

Lawns have always been the picture of lush perfection, carefully landscaped primarily for show. But, the idea of a traditional “pretty” lawn is starting to fade with droughts and water shortages becoming more common. Now, landscapers are designing with efficiency in mind, whether by downsizing land or putting it to good use.Grass mixes, such as Habiturf, are becoming a hot new trend because they need little water and maintenance to thrive. Some neighborhoods are also turning lawns into full blown edible gardens in order to grow produce at home and trade with the neighbors!


An inexpensive way to jazz up your garden is by colorblocking: the use of discrete blocks of color. This can be used indoors our outdoors to accentuate and highlight a specific plant or area. All it takes is a bit of solid color. Got a row of potted plants set against a wall? Put those green babies in the spotlight by colorblocking, whether you want to paint the wall or add a colorful piece of furniture that focuses attention to a certain area of the home or garden.

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