Why You Should Choose Fire Glass for Your Fire Pit

The winter months might make you want to dash under the bed covers and hibernate, snuggled up in pajamas watching Christmas classics. Forget cabin fever- this is the best time of the year to enjoy the outdoors, sitting around a crackling fire in your garden with family and friends, a steaming mug of hot buttered rum in your hands.

The classic fire pit requires chopped wood or coal to burn, but nowadays homeowners are saying sayonara to tradition and purchasing fire glass to use in gas powered fire pits instead. Why? Well, the benefits of these shimmering glass bits are just too good to pass up. Here are a few of the main reasons why fire glass is quickly becoming the preferred source for fire pit use.

It burns on forever

Wood and coal burns out and must be replaced, but fire glass can be used repeatedly, making it more cost effective than the latter. When manufactured, the glass is exposed to extremely high temperatures, so it will never melt, char or change shape with prolonged use.

It’s better for your health

When burning wood, it can be a nuisance avoiding the one side of the pit where smoke is blowing. Suddenly, the wind shifts direction and next thing you know, your eyes are tearing up in pain! Breathing in the fumes from burning wood, coal or wood substitutes isn’t particularly healthy for the lungs either. Even artificial logs can harbor asbestos, further putting health at risk. Fire glass burns clean and won’t leave you smelling smokey either.

It’s eco-friendly

Reduce the carbon footprint with fire glass, which offers an eco friendly burning solution. Usually paired with natural or propane gas powered fire pits, the hardy glass doesn’t emit harmful emissions or pollutants, such as tar, that can be damaging for the environment.

It adds a bit of sparkle to any home

Like a tumbling heap of exotic jewels, fire glass comes in a vivid array of shapes and colors to complement the stylings of any home and garden. When lit, the fire dances upon the transparent glass, creating a dazzling display that will have guests hypnotized. You’ll never have to worry about dangerous wood popping or logs breaking and rolling in a fire. Instead, you’re left with a truly exquisite fire design that will transform your outdoor living area into a magical, cozy space to keep warm.

Want to learn more about fire glass and how it can illuminate your home and garden? Contact Margo Garden Products and we can answer your questions.

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